Michelle Bell

Michelle is a native of CA and TX.  At the age of 19 years old she moved to Cary,NC; meet her husband, Tony who is born and raised here in Apex and then they moved back to CA to start a family.  In 2001 Michelle, her husband, and their daughter Taylor moved back to Cary, NC.  Since then they had 2 more children, Brody and Harrison.  Michelle loves to be able to volunteer at all of her children's schools, spending time with her husband ,watching Auburn Football, and hanging out with her family and friends.
Michelle is an outspoken,  outgoing person, who is passionate when if comes to things she feels strongly about.  Her love for the kid's makes her the right person for our front desk.
Michelle has been with CLA since 2015 and loves it.  Her Favorite thing about working at CLA is getting to know all of the kids.  She loves to see them get knew skills and work hard at practice.  The look on there face when they accomplish their goals makes her day.

Zac Herd "Ziggy"

​Tumble Instructor

Zac Herd was born and raised in Wilmington North Carolina.   Zac first cheered for the
Wilmington All Stars.  There he won several national championships, including 4 time
Cheersport national champions and 5 time UCA national champions.

In 2003 Zac began coaching at Wilmington All-Stars, helping lead them to a 2003 UCA national championship.  He has helped many gyms in the North Carolina area, including coaching at Cape Fear Community College for 2 years, leading them to a national championship.

Zac has also has many years of tumbling experience.  He tumbled with the group Powerhouse Tumblers starting at the age of 8.  With Powerhouse he performed all over the United Stated including, but not limited to, NBA halftime shows and America's got talent.  Zac has worked with some of the best in the industry.  

Zac describes himself as a student of the game being experienced in coaching tumbling, cheer, choreography, and making cheer routine music.  He is known for a very unique and different style of coaching.  His goals are to be able to reach athletes on the personal level in a way that changes their lives.

 Zac’s quote is ( YOU coach the sport!!!! I coach the athlete).​​

Carolina Legacy Staff for Tumble Classes 

Owen Wilson

​Tumble/Cheer Coach

​Owen, originally started in the cheer industry in 2001 when his family helped open up Elite Cheer and Dance; starting his first half season in 2008 on a Sr. 2 team as a flyer. Owen then made his way to Carolina Legacy All-stars and cheered for two seasons; 2012-2013, 2013-2014.  The first year on a Sr. Coed 4 team, Platinum Ice, which was a very successful year!  The second year he had the privilege to participate on CLA’s Sr. Coed 5 WORLDS team,  Black Smoke!  During his last year cheering at CLA he began to make the transition from an athlete to a tumble coach.  He is currently finishing up his 5th year at CLA and 4 years of coaching.    He had a wonderful experience with an amazing group of athletes on the international Open Coed 5,  Lionheart. Owen is currently competing at Worlds with California All Stars, Bring home the ring.

Owen is a USASF certified tumble coach for the levels 1-5.​​

Renard Mercer
College Cheer Prep instructor  and Tumble Coach

Renard Mercer II,
Went to East Carolina University where he studied Mechanical Design and cheered on the Coed Team for 4 years.  Throughout his time at ECU he has helped and coached multiple teams in the cheer industry ranging from high school, college, to all star teams mainly along the east coast.  He has worked for Varsity 8 years, now going into his 9th and has formed relationships throughout the cheerleading industry.  Renard enjoys everything about cheerleading; coaching teams, teaching tumbling, stunts, and the lessons, it helps teach children and young adults.  He has been coaching since 2006 and is USASF Certified for levels 1-5 in spotting tumbling.

Carlos Richmond

Cheer Prep and Tumble Coach
All-Stars Cheer Coach for our partnering All-Star Program... Inspire Athletics Cheer

          Carlos was born and raised in Charleston, West Virginia, he began his journey to become an all-star coach by participating in competitive gymnastics at an early age of  7; competing at various levels.  

          After gymnastics, Carlos became a cheerleader and cheered his last 2 years of high school at Capital High in West Virginia.  He then went on to cheer at Marshal University for four years.  After graduating from Marshal with a B.S. in Education he opened his own cheerleading gym in St. Alban, West Virginia; Cheer Central All-Stars.  

             Carlos moved to Raleigh, North Carolina in 2005 where he began to work at Impact Athletics and became the director of recreational gymnastics, tumbling, and cheer classes.  He coached various cheerleading teams at Impact Athletics from 2006-2008.              

            In 2008 began to coach and choreograph at Carolina Legacy Cheer & Dance, Inc. where he has achieved several National Championships including a National Championship at NCA Dallas in 2011.  Carlos has also coached at a collegiate level for North Carolina State University and East Carolina University in which took 2nd place at the NCA Daytona Nationals this year; .                


Rachel Lee
President and Owner
All thanks go to my wonderful staff who has made Carolina Legacy what it is today. 
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